Living A Life of Purpose

Living A Life of Purpose

Jun 20, 2016 | Quitting your 9-5 | 0 comments

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Beards and Budgets?

Alright, what gives? Why beards and budgets?

Let me tell you a little bit about why I’ve decided to put these two together. I’ve been growing and taming a beard for over two years. My family has been debt free and on a dollar based budget for over five years.

Now, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about both of these. It’s not that I think about them in way of admiration; it’s that having a beard affects the way I eat, smile, shower and kiss my wife.

Having a budget affects the way I spend, work, shop and plan for the future of my family.

But both of these have caused me a bit of stress. I’ve had to teach my 1 year old son not to grab and pull at my beard and mustache (ouch!). In a similar way, I’ve had to teach that little 8 year old self inside of me to stop spending money on stuff that I don’t need.

Through the growing stages of these two separate but related ideas of beards and budgets, my interest was spurred in the pursuance of a better and more challenging lifestyle, different from the way our world defines the ‘American Dream.’

I was tired of living as life came at me as fast and furious as it does and I decided it was time to start living a life of purpose. I’ve always had an interest in money, who hasn’t? But my interest in finance was gloriously smashed during the 2008 financial crisis while I was studying for my exams in, sure enough, business finance, where I was set to graduate in that very same year.

Why would I want to jump into a world of finance that is so readily displayed as greedy, self-centered, open to speculation and vastly un-personal?

I didn’t.

It wasn’t until recently that I decided that people need to hear a fresh perspective. People need to be challenged and we need to stop living a life in bondage by the way advertising has skewed the often far-fetched and un-achievable American Dream and we need to start living a life of purpose.

So let’s talk about that challenge.

The Challenge

I want this blog to be a challenge to us.

I will mention a lot of ideas that will make some of you angry or frustrated but that’s the point. Often we need to be frustrated or angry before we decide to make change in our own lives.
Think about this: most of us don’t have the time, energy or the education to create and maintain a budget, to understand how to invest for retirement, to research unique ways to save and earn money, to develop and challenge ourselves to learn new skills or to even spend quality time with family.

And these things are what’s arguably most important in ourlives, but they are largely ignored. Men and women are working 50+ hours a week even if they have a family to care for.

Day-cares and nannies are raising our children so we can spend a little extra money, or have a little more house, or have that brand new gadget.

Don’t we understand the impact we are having on the next generation?

We’re led to believe that we need all of these things but it’s all a facade to happiness and it doesn’t pay dividends years down the road. I think it’s worth pursing change at the cost of telling that little child inside of us, “No” from time to time and by telling each other no. Can we try that? Can we hold each other accountable even if it hurts?

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Where We Will Focus

The breadth of this blog will focus on budgeting tips, life disciplines, and lessons I’ve learned in the past few years that have helped me create a less cumbersome and more enjoyable lifestyle.

A life where I can spend more time with my family, raise my son and not depend on others to raise him.

Where I set aside more time for coffee with friends. And where I can protect my family and plan for a future that’s worth looking forward to.

Just because you don’t have a beard doesn’t mean this blog isn’t for you. It’s for everyone looking to improve their life holistically through some unconventional and at times challenging ideas that may cause others to look at you funny. I tell those people, keep looking on, because you’ll eventually see a change you wish you’d seen earlier.

If you’re ready to start living a life of purpose, stick around and we’ll keep you on your toes.

Or jump in now and sign up for my 7 Day Budgeting Course.

What financial issues are you ready to overcome? Let me know in the comments below.

Being disciplined with your money is hard but trust me, it's worth it. -Brandon

Being disciplined with your money is hard but trust me, it's worth it. -Brandon

I’m Brandon and that’s my bride Ariana and our first born. We listened to age-old wisdom and paid off over $100,000 in debt from college, credit cards, vehicles and an underwater mortgage in under two years. We now we live a debt free life. Now we’re able to spend more time at home with our kids and prioritize our life.

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