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How to Plan for Unexpected Expenses

Each year I’m reminded of how hot it gets here in the desert of Las Vegas. Sometimes there is nothing that will prepare you for the heat wave that is equivalent to you opening an oven every day and…

Funding Your Dreams

Funding the dreams of the bearded or un-bearded includes us all. We all have dreams and at some point we need to start living them. If you have ever…

Why Do I Need a Budget?

I’m not shocked that people ask, why do I need a budget? Most of us think we live on a budget, but we don’t. The reason I believe in one may surprise you…

CAUTION: Income Not Guaranteed!

Eventually, I’ll do a post on the number of jobs I’ve had over the years. With a rough first count, I’d say I’ve had over 15 different jobs or sources of income, depending on how you categorize it, over the last 12 years. That’s more…

Do You Really Need Life Insurance?

Do I need life insurance? Your age and health have very little to do with your need of life insurance. Life insurance is an offer of protection against the unexpected. It’s generally not for you but protection for…

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