My Lovely Wife and Son

These lovely people are the reason I started BeardedBudget. Because there is a better life out there for you and I and we should pursue it together.


BeardedBudget is a blog and resource site run by me, Brandon Alderman, to provide you with my story, including ideas that have helped me on my path to self sufficiency, leaving my 9-5 for good and on how to live a more fulfilled life. I hope to challenge the way you view your work, your family and your spiritual life. Through different types of media, interviews and challenging philosophy, I want to take you beyond the typical worldly view of living life day by day by helping you explore a more fulfilling and joyful life. But why BeardedBudget?

BeardedBudget became an idea of a lifestyle where the often taboo growth of a beard meets the similar taboo of spending your cash wisely. Here at BeardedBudget.com we believe in spending far less than you make by implementing money saving strategies and by exploring new life enriching skills. We live in a world where the pressures of consumerism and working countless hours are expected. BeardedBudget.com will be a resource for you to break that vicious cycle to start living a more fulfilling life. You can learn more at my BeardedBudget Movement page. I look forward to seeing you around. Jump on in and subscribe below.

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