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Here is where I will post the books I’ve been reading since starting this journey. If you want to jump on and read alongside me feel free to grab one of these from your local library or from Amazon by clicking on the books below. Send me an email and tell me what you think if you finish one!

Currently Reading

The Man Who Quit Money

I found this book through a podcast I was listening to and the title intrigued me enough to pick it up. This guy literally…gave up money. He doesn’t pick it up, doesn’t use it and doesn’t need it. I’m loving the first couple of chapters so far and the quote from Jesus in Matthew 6 right in the beginning had me turning pages.

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Chase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Too Small
By Mark Batterson

This book is a really interesting concept to me and I’m curious where it will end up. My desire is for it to not be a book about following some high and mighty, worldly dream of more money and houses but following a dream that is aligned with the message of Christ. It’s written after the scripture about Beneniah chasing a lion and killing it from 2 Samual 23:20. Quite the vision but will it deliver?

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How to Survive Without a Salary

Charles delivers some great insight on how we can live different lives by not always seeking out a salary but by making different decisions in life that involve trade, our skills and abilities and using all of our resources to make the best of our lives.

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Up Next…

Start With Why

Although I’ve read some of this already and watched a few of his videos, I really want to dig deep and see his philosophy on why we run the way we do in business and in life.

Frugal Isn’t Cheap

Looking forward to seeing what frugal concepts and ideas this book has and how it differentiates itself from simply being cheap.

The Thank You Economy

Another book by Gary V. I imagine this book being about how when we give to others, others will thank us in return. Looking forward to digging into this and motivating others to give for the sake of giving.


Crush it! By Gary Vaynerchuk

This guy is fierce in challenging his reader’s and viewers mindsets on the current face and ongoing change of social media and marketing. Even though this book is a couple years old, and you can tell, it goes to show how fast the market is moving and how important his concepts are. Stellar and short read.

Madness! By Jossy Chacko

This has been one of my favorite books this year. There is a lot of great and challenging information about the everyday Christian and what we should be to the world. Jossy has taken on the huge task of bringing Christianity to Northern India and his stories are incredible and impossible without the work of Jesus in his mission.

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